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About George

George K. Denison, Content Creator | Videographer, Photographer, Designer

Working as a content creator for over ten years I have helped artists, nonprofits, and businesses effectively tell their stories and establish their own brand. I'm driven and dedicated to making a personal connection to every project. Communication is key to my success and the success of my clients.

From concept to final product, I prefer learn as much as I can about who I am working with, to fully grasp the underlying story we're each telling. I thrive under the pressure of working alone, and I have seen equal success leading a team of creatives to exceed their project goals and find their own opportunities for growth. I enjoy learning new advances in industry technologies and pride myself on staying fresh and current. Whether working as a team or one-on-one with a client, I believe open and clear communication is key to reaching goals and finding new opportunities.




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Past Clients


Alexa Health Products
Baby Bungalow
Barefoot Birth
New York Press
Our Town Downtown
Paulina Vo

PitchBlak Brass Band
Rooftop Films
Saul Kurtz
Sky View Center
Tampa Bay History Center
Tribeca Color Salon